Workplace Drama

Before starting this post, I have to make a sort of cast of characters for you:

Rob: Sits in office next to mine. I consider him to be one of my closest guy friends. Farts, burps and generally is gross. Does whatever he has to to make others laugh. Extremely hard working.

Tiffany: New girl. Think valley girl, Like okay? Very immature and young. Wants to think she is very similar to me (she is not). Believes herself to be super intelligent.

The scene is lunch. I have lunch with Rob everyday. TiffanI has taken it upon herself to join the party. Fine, whatever - we shall have our secret discussions at a later time wench. ;) Rob and I were talking about March Madness and he wanted to print up brackets. I, la google master extraordinaire, find said brackets and print them up. TiffanI pipes in at this point. "Oooooh, can I have a copy of that? I really want a copy. What printer did you send them too, I'll make copies, like okay?!?!!!!!111!!!? I LURVE March Madness... yippee for march madness that's basketball right?"

GGAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! It does not make you cooler if you pretend to be all about what the cool kids are about. Why can't people have their own freaking interests? If like pole dancing whilst covered in chocolate, awesome. If you love betting on cock fights, wonderful. If you secretly still like to play with barbies, then own it!
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